New York Airport Information

Small Airports in New York
Adirondack Airpark Estates Airport
Ag-Alley Airport
Airhaven Airport
Airlane Enterprises Airport
Airtrek Airport
Airy-Acres Airport
Akron Airport
Alexander Farm Airport
Amsterdam Airfield
Anthonson Airport
Arcade Tri County Airport
Archdale Meadows Airport
Argyle Airport
August Field
B Flat Farm Airport
B-Ville Airpark
Basher Field
Bassett Field
Bayport Aerodrome
Becks Grove Airport
Bedson's Land Base Airport
Bennetts Airport
Bent-Wing Airport
Berdick Field
Bethany Airpark
Big Island Airport
Bloecher Farm Airport
Blue Heron Airport
Blueberry Field
Bonebender Airport
Boonville Inc Airport
Boyle's Landing Airport
Brookhaven Airport
Buffalo Airfield
Buffalo Lancaster Regional Airport
Burrello-Mechanicville Airport
Butterville Airport
Byron Airpark
Calverton Executive Airpark
Cambria Airport
Camillus Airport
Campis Airport
Canandaigua Airport
Carter Flight Park Ultralightport
Casey's Airport
Catalano Airfield
Catskill Valley Airpark
Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport
Caughdenoy Airport
Chapin Field
Chautauqua County-Dunkirk Airport
Chautauqua Lake Airpark
Chenango Bridge Airport
Circle K Ranch Airport
Ciszak Airport
Clarence Aerodrome
Cloverdale Farm Airport
Columbia County Airport
Connelly Field
Cooperstown-Westville Airport
Corning Painted Post Airport
Cortland County Chase Field
Countryman's Landing Strip
Coye Field
Creekside Airport
Cross' Farm Airport
Culver Airfield
Curtis Airport
D'Amico Airport
Dalrymples Airport
Dansville Municipal Airport
Dart Airport
Dawn Patrol Aviation Airport
De Ronda Airport
Deer Run Air Field
Deer Run Airport
Dew Airpark
Di Stefano Airpark
Dodge/Coppola/Wheeler Airport
Dolgeville Airport
Don Kichote Airport
Donnelly's Airport
Downsville Airport
Duanesburg Airport
Duflo Airport
Eagle Ridge Airport
East Arcade Airport
East Hampton Airport
Elizabeth Field
Elk Creek Airport
Ely Air Park
Engineers Airport
Erb Acres Airport
Evans Airways Airport
F&F Airpark Airport
Fairbank Farms Airport
Finger Lakes Regional Airport
Fisher Airport
Flying F Airport
Flying K Airport
Fort Hill Airport
Four Seasons Airport
Francis S Gabreski Airport
Frankfort-Highland Airport
Freehold Airport
Fulton County Airport
Gaines Valley Aviation Airport
Galway Airport
Gar Field
Gardiner Airport
Garnseys Airport
Gaskin's Hilltop Airport
Genesee County Airport
Geneseo Airport
Gentzke Aeronautical Park Airport
Giermek Executive Airport
Gowanda Airport
Grace's Landing Airport
Grammar Airport
Granville Airport
Great Valley Airport
Green Acres Airport
Greene Airport
Greenlawn Farm Airport
Greenville-Rainbow Airport
Grund Field
Hamburg Inc Airport
Hamilton Municipal Airport
Harris Airport
Harris Hill Gliderport
Hart Airport
Harvs Airport
Heber Airpark
Hedge Hop Field
Heldeberg Airstrip
Hemlock Run Airport
Hendershot Airport
Hendricks Field
Hibbard's Airport
Hickory Acres Airport
Hickory Hollow Airport
High Acres Airport
High Banks Farm Landing Area Airport
Hilltop Airport
Hiserts Airpark Inc Airport
Hogan Airport
Hollands International Field
Honeoye Falls Airport
Hop House Airpark
Hopewell Airpark
Hopewell Airpark
Hornell Municipal Airport
Hunter Mountain Airport
Hurlbut Field
James Henion Private Field
Jerry Phibbs Airport
John Gonzales Field
Johnson Airport
Jolamtra Landing Area Airport
Joseph Y Resnick Airport
Kayutah Lake Airport
Keech Airport
Kennedy Airfield
Kermizian Airport
Keysa Airport
Kidder Field
Killian Airfield
Kingdom Field
Kingston-Ulster Airport
Kirkwood Airpark
Klaverack Airport
Kline Kill Airport
Knapp Airport
Knowlesville Airport
Knox Airport
Knox Landing Airport
Kobelt Airport
Kohn Airport
Krenzers Airport
Lake Placid Airport
Lakestone Farm Airport
Lakeview Airport
Lakeville Airport
Lapeer Flyer Airport
Laska Airport
Le Roy Airport
Ledgedale Airpark
Lewis Field
Lewis Landing Airport
Long Acre Farms Airport
Longwell Airport
Loucks Airport
Lt Warren Eaton Airport
Lufker Airport
Luke Airport
Luther Airport
Maben Airport
Malone Dufort Airport
Manitou Field
Maple Ridge Airport
Marcellus Airport
Marcy Field
Mariaville Aerodrome
Mason Airway Airport
Match Mate Airport
Matejka Field
Mattituck Airport
Maxon Field
Maxson Airfield
Maynard's Airport
Mc Bride's Airport
Mc Kinney Airport
Md1 Airport
Meerwarth Airport
Merkle Airport
Merrimac Farms Airport
Mesmer Airport
Mexico Airdrome Airport
Michael Airfield
Middle Hope Airport
Middlesex Valley Airport
Midlakes Airport
Miller Field
Minard Farms Airport
Mohawk Air Park
Mohawk Aviation Center Airport
Mohawk Valley Airport
Montauk Airport
Monticello Airport
Moores Airport
Morin Airport
Mountain Top Airport
Mountain View Airpark
Mountain View Airport
Murphy Field
Murphys Landing Strip
Nellis Field
Neno International Airport
Nettie's Place Airport
Neverland Airport
New Salem Aerodrome
North Buffalo Suburban Airport
North Fork Airport
Northway Airport
O'Riley Airport
Oak Ridge Airport
Ogdensburg International Airport
Olcott-Newfane Airport
Old Forge Airport
Old Fort Farm Airport
Old Orchard Airpark
Old Port Royal Airport
Old Rhinebeck Airport
Olmstead Landing Strip
Omni Airpark
Oneonta Municipal Airport
Orange County Airport
Orange Poultry Farm Airport
Oswego County Airport
Ovid Airport
Owasco Airport
Paradise Airport
Pendleton Airpark
Penn Yan Airport
Perry-Warsaw Airport
Pine Hill Airport
Piolis Brookside Airport
Piseco Airport
Plateau Sky Ranch Airport
Poolsbrook Aerodrome
Potoczak Airport
Potsdam Municipal-Damon field
Pratt's Eastern Divide Airport
Rabbit Lane Airport
Randall Airport
Randall's Roost Airport
Randolph Airport
Re-Dun Field
Reiss Game Farm Airport
Remsen City Airport
Rensselaer County Airport
Richfield Airport
Richland Airport
Richter Aero Airport
Ridge Road West Airport
Ridgeview Airport
Ritchie Airfield
Riveredge Airpark
Roberts Roost Airport
Rocky Reef Farm Airport
Rolling Hills Airport
Rose Field
Round Lake Airport
Roxbury Runway Airport
Royalton Airport
Russell Airport
Russell Field
S.O.P. Airport
Saikkonen Airport
Salubrious Point Airport
Saratoga County Airport
Savannah Agri-Air Airport
Schoharie Creek Airport
Schroon Lake Airport
Schuyler Airport
Scott'S Sky Ranch Airport
Secret Spot Airport
Seven Gullies Airport
Sha-Wan-Ga Valley Airport
Sharon Airport
Shaw Field
Shear Airport
Sheeley's Farm Airport
Shepard Airport
Sherman Field
Sherwood Farm Airport
Sidney Municipal Airport
Silvernails Field
Six Ponds Airport
Skaneateles Aero Drome Airport
Sky Acres Airport
Sky Park Airport
Sky-Ranch Airport
Skytop Airport
Skyview Airport
Smith Airport
Smiths Land Base Airport
Snow Field
South Albany Airport
South Dayton Airport
Spadaro Airport
Spaudling Aerodrome
Spencerport Airpark
Spring Brook Airport
St Bernard Field
Stafford Airport
Stanton Airport
Stanwix Heights Airport
Stormville Airport
Strip in the Woods Airport
Sullivan County International Airport
Sunset Airport
Suntime Airport
Syracuse Suburban Airport
Talmage Field
Taylor Johnson Airport
The Pines Airport
The Ranch Airport
Ticonderoga Municipal Airport
Tilden Airport
Tims Angus Farm Airport
Toggenburg Farms Airport
Tom N' Jerry Airport
Tomahawk Hills Airport
Tomcat Airport
Towner Farm Airport
Tracy Field
Treichler Farm Airport
Tri Cities Airport
Tri County Airways Airport
Ttt Air Airport
Tuscarora Plateau Airport
Ultralight Flight Farm Ultralightport
Ultralight Port Ultralightport
Valenty Mierek Airport
Valley View Airport
Vasile Field
Walls Airport
Walter's Field
Walton Airport
Wandervogel Gliderport
Warwick Municipal Airport
Watercolor Airport
Waxwing Airport
Wayne Delp Airport
Weiss Airfield
Wellsville Municipal Arpt,Tarantine Field
Wenskoski Field
West Township Airport
Westerlo Airport
Westmoreland Airport
Westport Airport
Westtown Airport
Westwind Farm Airport
White Birch Field
Whitfords Airport
Williamson Sodus Airport
Winchell Mountain Airport
Woodford Airfield
Wurtsboro Sullivan County Airport
Zelazny Airport
Heliports in New York
Adirondack Helicopters Heliport
Adirondack Medical Center Heliport
Alexander's East Heliport
Alexander's-Roosevelt Heliport
Alstar North Heliport
Amch Heliport
Arden Hill Heliport
Arnot Ogden Hospital Heliport
Astoria Heliport
Athens Emergency Med-Evac Heliport
Auburn Memorial Hospital Heliport
B/G Heliport
Bassett Heliport
Bastek Heliport
Beaver Meadow Heliport
Bel-Aire Farms Heliport
Belmont Park Heliport
Benbyre Farm Heliport
Benedictine Hospital Heliport
Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Heliport
Best Western Red Jacket Inn Heliport
Bethlehem Energy Center Heliport
Bistrians Heliport
Bowline Point Heliport
Breezy Meadows Heliport
Cablevision Bethpage Heliport
Cantagree Farm H Heliport
Carter's Heliport
Cec Heliport
Ch 12 News Woodbury Heliport
Ciba-Geigy Heliport
Community General Hospital Heliport
Computer Associates Heliport
Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport
Cove Neck Heliport
Cuba Memorial Hospital Heliport
D C Helicopters Heliport
Delaware Valley Hospital Heliport
Dewitt Heliport
Doms Heliport
Don's Heliport
Downtown-Manhattan/Wall St Heliport
Eab Plaza Heliport
East 34th Street Heliport
East Farm Heliport
Eastern Long Island Heliport
Entenmann's Heliport
Erie County Medical Center Heliport
Erwin Heliport
Evergreen Mtn. Heliport
Freeport Heliport
Gautieri Heliport
Ge Management Development Institute Heliport
General Electric R&D Center Heliport
Gibraltar Heliport
Greenville Mountain Heliport
H & H Aviation Service Inc. Heliport
Hammersley Hill Heliport
Hansen Heliport
Harris Hill Heliport
Haverstraw Heliport
Health Sciences Center University Hospital Heliport
Heussler Hamburg Heliport
High View Too Heliport
Hilltop Heliport
Huntington Emergency Helistop
Ibm Customer Executive Education Center Heliport
Ibm East Fishkill Heliport
Ibm Fishkill Plant No. 2 Heliport
Ibm King St Heliport
IBM Kingston Plant Heliport
Ibm Mount Pleasant Heliport
Ibm Owego Heliport
Ibm Sommers Heliport
James Carl Memorial Heliport
Jet-Line Products Heliport
Kwp Heliport
Lakeside Heliport
Lakeview Shock Incarceration Center Heliport
Landmark Plaza Heliport
Lightning Tree Farm Heliport
Little Falls Ems Heliport
Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 Heliport
Mary Immaculate Hospital Heliport
Massaro Heliport
Mather Heliport
Medical Center Heliport
Medina Memorial Hospital Heliport
Mercy Hospital Heliport
Merrill Glen Cove Heliport
Mid-Hudson Helicopter Service Heliport
Mmc Heliport
Moses Ludington Hospital Heliport
Mountain Fresh Farm Heliport
Mt View Heliport
Nassau County Police Heliport
NCH Heliport
New York State D.E.C. Indian Lake Heliport
New York State Police Heliport
Niagara Falls Memorial Parking Ramp Heliport
Norcross Helipad Heliport
Norman Kurrass Contractor Heliport
North Shore University Hospital Heliport
North Shore University Hospital Nr 2 Heliport
Ny Arng Heliport
Ny State Police - Troop T Heliport
NYPD Air Operations (Floyd Bennett Field) Heliport
Old Orchard Road Heliport
Olean General Heliport
One Police Plaza Heliport
One Ten Heliport
Oneida City Hospital Heliport
Onondaga County Sheriff's Department Heliport
Oswego County At Pulaski Heliport
Parker's Landing Heliport
Peninsula Hospital Center Heliport
Phillipsburg Landing Heliport
Port Jervis Fire Department Heliport
Poughkeepsie Main Plant Heliport
Print Pad Heliport
Quaker Valley Farm Heliport
Rainbow Air Heliport
Ridge Heliport
Robins Island South Heliport
Ross Heliport
S J M Landing Heliport
Safe Flight Instrument Corp. Heliport
Samaritan Medical Center Heliport
Saratoga Hospital Heliport
Slate Hill Heliport
South Quaker Heliport
Southampton Heliport
Southampton Village Heliport
Spring Lake Fire Department Heliport
St Charles Hospital Heliport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
St John's Episcopal Hospital Heliport
St Luke'S Cornwall Hospital-Newburgh Heliport
St Luke's Memorial Hospital Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Elevated Heliport
St Marys Heliport
St. Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital Heliport
State Police Troop D Heliport
State Police Troop K Heliport
Staten Island University Hospital Heliport
Station 233 Heliport
Station 237 Heliport
Station 241 Heliport
Stone Ridge Heliport
Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sullivan Correctional Facility Heliport
Suny Health Science Center Heliport
Susquehanna Heliport
Tennessee Gas Nr 2 Heliport
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Heliport
Tetz Landing Heliport
Tgp-245 Heliport
Tgp-249 Heliport
Tgp-254 Heliport
The Moriches Bay Heliport
Thomas E. Perdue Heliport
Thomson Industries Inc Heliport
Tli Heliport
Troop A Headquarters Heliport
Troop B. Headquarters Heliport
Troop E Heliport
Troy Armory Heliport
Turning Stone Resort & Casino Heliport
Vamc Heliport
Vassar Hospital Heliport
Virgil Excavation Heliport
Wagstaff Heliport
Wca Hospital Heliport
West 30th St. Heliport
Westchester Medical Center Heliport
Westchester Resco Heliport
Westfield Memorial Hospital Heliport
Westhampton Beach Heliport
Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center Heliport
Windy's Heliport
Winthrop University Hospital Heliport
Women And Children'S Hospital Heliport
Woodlawn Beach State Park Heliport
Wyde Heliport
Wyeth Ayerst Heliport